Pediatric Dental Hygienists for Smalltown Kids Morton IL


Job description:

We are looking for a friendly and positive individual to join our office in the role of a Pediatric Dental Hygienist! To make a difference to the patient experience in our practice and become a part of our team comprised of dedicated dental professionals.

This opportunity is located at our Smalltown Dental Kids Morton IL office and would be part-time.

Job Description

The role of the Dental Hygienist revolves around being a dental health advocate for the patient and providing the highest level of education to the patient of their current oral state. The Hygienists at Smalltown Dental conduct initial patient medical screenings, take radiographs, cleaning teeth (i.e., removing plaque), perform periodontal therapy, and advise patients on oral health and preventative care. The Hygienists are also instrumental with support in the treatment planning phase when the dentist diagnoses treatments for teeth or gum diseases.

Reports to: Practice Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

Patient Care

  • Gather all necessary records and information for new patient appointments and present them to the doctor
  • Perform all services for patient re-care appointments based on the diagnosis of healthy, gingival disease, or periodontal disease
  • Update Medical History for every patient
  • Educate patients on oral health and their personal oral diagnosis and treatment
  • Take radiographs and intraoral according to the radiographic protocol of Smalltown Dental
  • Make preliminary periodontal/restorative diagnosis and present findings to the doctor
  • Facilitate doctor/hygienist dialogue
  • Assist in sterilization/lab to ensure there is always a turnaround of sterile instruments
  • Maintains cleanliness of his/her operatories by weekly maintenance of lines/trap


  • Generate a welcome letter for new patients and mail
  • Document all chart notes in the software including diagnosis, recommendation, patient’s choice of procedure, treatment provided, details of treatment/services/products used, expected outcome, next visit discussed with the patient, next hygiene services scheduled, and Hygienist’s initials
  • At the end of each visit, dismiss patients: make certain the patient’s chart is completed and the procedures are posted to the ledger and an insurance claim is created (if necessary)
  • Prepare treatment plans in the software and alert the Business team to present them to the patient
  • Update patient continuing care type if a change was recommended for the patient’s care interval
  • Handoff the patient by using the Communication Relay at the check-out with the treatment coordinator when a patient needs to schedule treatment
  • Ensure all new patients see the Treatment Coordinator prior to leaving practice even if no treatment has been planned
  • Notify Practice Manager of repair and maintenance needs in a timely manner


  • Schedule all patients for their next continuing care appointments
  • Honor future pre-blocks in the hygiene schedule for new patients as well as Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy
  • Prepare for the next day’s schedule and come prepared to the Daily Flash Meeting prior to patients
  • If a patient fails for a hygiene appointment- follow the canceled/broken appointment protocol and send a letter to the patient.
  • When appropriate, add the Broken appointment to the ASAP list for the Hygiene Retention Coordinator

Smalltown Dental has a culture of appreciation and respect for our patients, team members, and communities. We build relationships and we care for each other by working to achieve individual and team goals, while creating a positive environment focused on accountability and trust.

We are looking for serious, forward-thinking candidates for this awesome opportunity!

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