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The Associate Dentist can be seen as one of the leaders on the team that helps to boost the morale of the team and keeps the flow of the patients moving. The Associate Dentist is ultimately responsible for educating patients of the dental conditions they have and the treatment they need to bring their oral cavity back to optimal oral health. They work closely with all team members and provide a cohesive environment. They also have a dual role in the practice as they must monitor the KPIs of the practice to determine the overall performance and develop a strategic plan with theClinical Director, COO, and the Practice Manager to meet performance goals for growth and profitability.

Reports to: Clinical Director

Duties and responsibilities throughout the organization:

·       Be a leader and motivator of the organization’s culture and core values in your practice

·       Work the Clinical Director, COO, and Practice Manager to set comprehensive goals for continued growth

·       Analyze and strategize office KPIs with the Clinical Director, COO, and Practice Manager

Patient Care

·      Examine patients, obtain medical history, and develop a treatment plan

·      Present treatment plans to patients explaining the risks of not completing treatment and the benefits of moving forward

·      Provide dental services including extractions, fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, root canals, and other dental procedures

·      Educate patients about their oral health condition, how it relates to the overall health of the body

·      Monitor patient progress and communicating with other staff members to provide quality care to the patient

·      Keep records relating to the oral health of patients and the treatment given to them

Personal Leadership

·      Stay abreast with current developments in the dental field

·      Partner with the clinical team to provide quality patient care

·      Monitor KPIs to determine areas of excellence, growth, need, underperformance

·      Partner with the Practice Manager and COO to develop processes to address areas of need and underperformance

·      Be available as a backup for other dentists in the organization

Dentist Requirements

·      Doctor of Medicine (DMD) in dentistry or Doctor ofDental Surgery (DDS)

·      State license and malpractice insurance

·      Comply with all local, state, and federals laws regarding dental and health care

·      Maintain appropriate amount of continuing education

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