If your tooth has decayed, we’ll need to remove the decayed material to protect your oral health. Cracks and spaces can leave space for bacteria, which in turn leads to further deterioration. Rather than removing the entire tooth and replacing it with an implant, we prefer to replace the lost material with dental fillings glen il, which restore the tooth back to its normal shape and function.

What Fillings Do We Offer?

There are numerous materials that can be used to make your fillings. We work with the following:

  • Gold fillings are custom-made in a laboratory and then cemented into place. Gold inlays are well-tolerated by gum tissues and may last more than 20 years. They’re high-quality, but often the most expensive choice.
  • Amalgam (silver) fillings are a more inexpensive choice. However, they are more noticeable than porcelain or composite restorations due to their dark color. They're not recommended for fillings in very visible areas such as front teeth.
  • Composite resin fillings are custom-made to the exact color of the patient’s teeth, creating a more natural appearance. While these white fillings may be less noticeable than other materials, they usually only last 3-10 years. They may not be ideal for larger fillings, as they can chip or wear over time.
  • Porcelain fillings are created in a lab and then bonded to the tooth. They can be matched to the color of the tooth, they resist staining, and they cost about the same as gold fillings. A porcelain restoration typically covers most of the tooth, making the filling nearly undetectable.

If you’re not sure which material you want, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your options. In some cases, we may suggest crowns instead of fillings.

Need Fillings in Illinois?

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