Missing teeth need to be replaced. Along with making it more difficult to eat and speak, the space they create in your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. Implants are one of the most kinds of replacement teeth we offer. Once placed, they act very similarly to normal adult teeth. Learn whether implants are right for you and what to do if you need to get them professionally maintained.

Implant Placement

Our first goal is always to preserve you natural teeth. Failing that, though, there are many different dental technologies we can take advantage of to get you a bright new smile.

When choosing between crowns, dentures, and implants, there are several factors we consider. These include:

  • How many teeth are missing
  • Jawbone density
  • Gum health

Implants are often a great option for patients with significant bone density and have only lost some of their teeth. That said, every mouth is different, which is why we recommend visiting a dentist’s office to get more personalized advice.

Implant Restoration

While implant screws are designed to last a lifetime, oftentimes, the crowns will need to be replaced after a decade or two. In some cases, the screw itself may also need to be replaced if the patient does not adequately maintain their oral health. When you visit our office, we’ll examine the implant and determine whether it needs to be restored or replaced.

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