December 12, 2022

To keep your teeth strong and protect them against cavities, a Morton family dentist in IL suggests fluoride treatments. For over seven decades, America’s tap water has contained minute traces of fluoride to protect teeth against decay.    

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drinking fluoridated water can reduce your risk of cavities by up to 25%. While fluoride treatments offer benefits to protect your teeth, they are not for everyone.  

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Interesting Facts About Fluoride Treatment  

What Is Fluoride?    

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in your teeth and bones. You can also find them in soil, air, rocks, plants, and water. It is popularly used in the dental industry because it strengthens the outermost protective layer of your teeth, known as the enamel.    

What Is Fluoride Treatment?  

Most dental offices in America offer fluoride treatments to children and adults. It’s a procedure involving the application of high amounts of fluoride to your teeth so they can withstand cavities and decay. This in-office treatment can be given as a varnish, foam, gel, or solution. It may be applied with a mouthwash, tray, swab, or brush.

Some people can opt to take fluoride treatment at home as long as it is under the direction of their dentist. The fluoride in your toothpaste is the same as the fluoride at the dental office. The major difference is that in-office treatment contains much higher doses of fluoride, thus providing greater benefits.  

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What Are the Benefits of Fluoride and Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride helps your body absorb other minerals better, like phosphate and calcium. The reabsorption of these minerals helps strengthen your enamel. It’s also beneficial to children since the mineral integrates with their developing teeth, keeping them strong and resistant to cavities.  

The following are other benefits of fluoride treatments:

  • Slow the growth of cavities
  • It greatly reduces the risk of cavity formation
  • Avoid expensive dental procedures
  • Preserve the health of baby teeth
  • Reduce the time and expense people must spend at the dentist
  • Reduce tooth pain
  • Lower risk of gum disease
  • Prevent premature tooth loss

What Are Your Fluoride Recommendations?  

The American Dental Association and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest regular exposure to fluoride daily to reduce the risk of cavities and decay for people of all ages. To do this, you can drink tap water, brush your teeth using fluoridated toothpaste and get fluoride treatments at the dental office.  


Cavities are one of the most common chronic childhood diseases. According to studies, the prevalence of cavities is five times higher than asthma, which is why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) encourages fluoride treatments the moment baby teeth start to grow to avoid dental problems in the future. Dentists recommend regular fluoride treatments every three to six months. The frequency will depend on your child’s cavity risk.  

As a reminder for parents, ensure you assist your children when brushing their teeth to control the amount of toothpaste used. Only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste for children between three to six years old to reduce the risk of fluorosis.  


The fluoride treatment recommendation for adults varies in terms of doses, frequencies, and concentrations. People with high risks of cavities should get treated twice a year.  

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Get Your Fluoride Treatment From Our Morton Family Dentist in IL

To keep you and your family’s oral health in great shape for as long as possible, include fluoride treatments in your oral care plan.  

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