July 18, 2022

How do you get your kids to take care of their teeth? Discipline is one of the hardest challenges parents have to go through. To make your life easier, our kids dentist in Morton, IL, can give you a few tips on how to encourage your children to want to take care of their oral health.

Your kids may look at dental hygiene as a chore for now, but if you continue to show them the value of their efforts and how they can benefit from it, they’ll make these healthy habits a part of their routine.

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How to Help Kids Take Care of Their Teeth  

Let Them Know What Toothbrushing Can Do for Their Teeth

Children won’t appreciate what they’re doing unless they understand why they’re doing it in the first place. Have you ever explained to your children why they need to brush their teeth with mint-flavored toothpaste twice a day? If they haven’t asked, take the initiative to explain it to them. When they understand, they will oblige and develop a new appreciation for it the next time you tell them it's brushing time.

Sit down, talk to your kids about their teeth, and teach them how brushing can help remove cavity-causing bacteria and plaque from their mouths. Use an analogy that they can relate to. For example, if they had ice cream earlier during the day, tell them that brushing gently scrubs away traces of sugar from the ice cream to make their teeth clean again.

Make Them Feel Involved

The next time you go shopping, take your kids with you and let them pick out their own toothbrushes. The color doesn’t matter, but the bristles do. So, make sure you tell them to choose a soft bristle toothbrush. The size also matters. Ensure that the toothbrush is intended for their age. It should be the right size to clean all areas of their teeth efficiently.

Make Brushing Time Your Bonding Time  

If you’re too busy at work and your kids are preoccupied with school, why don’t you spend time together during brushing sessions? Although it only takes two minutes, at least everyone gets the chance to brush their teeth. You can also add fun by playing their favorite song while brushing. The key is to keep it fun, so they’ll look forward to doing it again.

Reward Your Children

When you reward your child for good behavior, they’ll want to do it again. How what, and when you want to reward your child depends on you. Some provide toys, more screen time, or a trip to the park if they visit the dentist.

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Need More Tips From a Kids Dentist Morton in IL?

There are plenty of ways to encourage and motivate your children to take care of their teeth. If you are running out of ideas, our kids dentist can help. Smalltown Dental provides a wide range of dental services tailored to your needs. We also take time to educate and discuss matters that concern your child’s oral health. Contact us today if you want to learn more about our services.

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