April 8, 2022

Do you think it’s easy to maintain good oral health? Your dentist in Atlanta, IL, believes that it’s not about the tasks that make it difficult but how you discipline yourself to follow them. Everyone knows that brushing and flossing are good for you, but not everyone is consistent. Unfortunately, people must wait until a problem occurs before they take action. Ultimately, it all boils down to commitment. Taking good care of your teeth and making them strong and healthy is a lifelong commitment. Here’s how to get started.

a woman brushing teeth as instructed by her Dentist in Atlanta, IL

Easy Ways to Keep Your Teeth Strong

Follow Proper Brushing Techniques

Besides knowing when and how long you should brush your teeth, one crucial factor that helps keep cavities and tooth decay at bay is applying proper brushing strokes. The technique used in brushing is one of the most vital aspects of maintaining optimum oral health. The proper way to brush your teeth is to place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle, pointing toward your gums.

Next, gently brush your teeth using short strokes. Don’t forget to include the inner and outer surfaces, especially your back teeth. Be gentle when you brush. Forceful brushing is counterproductive and will only lead to premature enamel erosion.

Avoid Eating Sugary and Starchy Foods

Did you know that your diet can also affect your teeth? If you’re a fan of candies, cakes, soft breads, and chips, you’re putting your teeth at risk of cavities. These foods are loaded with sugars and starches that are harmful to your teeth. Instead of indulging in foods that can damage your enamel, why don’t you choose healthier alternatives? You can find plenty of recipes online to make healthy foods more palatable.

Consume Food and Drinks That Make Your Enamel Strong

Are you aware that your enamel contains calcium? It’s the same mineral that makes your bones strong. One way of preserving your enamel is by consuming food and drinks rich in calcium. Adding calcium-rich foods and beverages to your diet will restore minerals to your teeth, and they also help neutralize the acids in your mouth that cause cavities. Examples of these foods are dairy products, leafy greens, kale, broccoli, tofu, and soybeans.

Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Some people grind their teeth as a response to stress. Your jaw muscles are also affected by your stress hormones, which explains why people subconsciously clench and grind their teeth. Unfortunately, teeth grinding can lead to chips, fractures, and loosening your teeth. You can prevent this by wearing night guards when you sleep. Managing your stress is also helpful. You can talk to your dentist to learn about other options to protect your teeth.

Dental Visits

Last but not least, make sure you see your dentist at least once every six months for a routine dental exam and teeth cleaning. Your dentist can catch problems during their early stages and treat them before they get worse. They can educate you on proper oral care during these visits to help keep your dental health in tiptop shape. Fluoride treatments can also help strengthen and protect your teeth against tooth decay.

a dentist in Atlanta, IL, demonstrating proper brushing techniques to a senior male patient

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