September 2, 2022

People visit the dentist for various reasons. Many enlist for an oral exam and teeth cleaning as preventive dental care, while some need to book an appointment because they want to inquire about dentures in Pekin, IL.  

Statistics reveal that more than 40 million Americans are wearing dentures in the U.S. Evidently, patients choose dentures because of their affordability. Modern-day dentures also look realistic; once you wear them, they’ll blend with the rest of your natural teeth. How old should you be to qualify for dentures? Most people seem to think that dentures are exclusively made for older people. Are they right?  

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When Can I Get Dentures?

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are ideal for those who have lost their natural teeth, whether it was due to severe tooth decay, advanced-stage gum disease, or trauma. These are removable artificial teeth attached to an acrylic gum-colored base. At first, the device may seem weird, but your mouth will get used to it over time. Today’s dentures are expertly fabricated with patient comfort in mind.  

What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

There are three main types of dentures – conventional full, immediate full, and partial

Conventional Full – These are placed inside your mouth after removing any existing natural teeth. You can only wear the denture once your gum tissues have completely healed.  

Immediate Full – As the name implies, you can immediately wear your dentures after your remaining teeth are removed. Typically, your dentist will obtain an impression of your mouth and take measurements during the initial consultation.  

Although you won’t experience not having any teeth, you need to have your denture relined after several months to ensure that they fit your mouth perfectly because the bone supporting your teeth can change shape as it heals, and this can cause your denture to feel loose.  

Partial Dentures – This type of denture is attached to your remaining teeth through a metal scaffold. They can be anchored to artificial crowns or natural teeth.  

Will Your Age Matter?

Young people with healthy teeth certainly do not need dentures unless they have missing teeth. On average, people who are in their 40s are the ones who need dentures because they're prone to periodontal diseases. When early-stage gum disease isn’t detected and treated, it can lead to gum deterioration and eventually result in tooth loss.  

However, even though you are young, you may still need dentures if you don’t practice good dental hygiene and visit your dentist for routine checkups and teeth cleaning. Other oral health problems out of your control can also cause tooth loss – and even accidents.

You can protect your teeth by brushing them two times a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Also, make sure you see your dentist bi-annually to remove plaque and tartar in hard-to-reach areas.  

Don’t wait for your teeth to decay and come loose before you see a dentist because if you do, you'll be discussing tooth replacement options the next time you find yourself in a dental office.  

dentist holding dentures in pekin IL

Do You Need Dentures in Pekin, IL?

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