January 24, 2022

Your children are either back in school or learning digitally at their desktops at home. But if your child has missing teeth due to a genetic disorder, we can give them a full smile with dentures in Pekin, IL.

Replica of Dentures Pekin, IL

Options For Tooth Replacement

Adults who have lost their permanent teeth might benefit from implants, crowns, and other restorative procedures.

Children, on the other hand, are still growing. Dentists can't put anything in the jawline because their mouth has not fully developed yet. Instead, removable partial dentures or fixed space maintainers are used.

Children's Dentures

Many people might think that children are too young for dentures, but guess what? That is absolutely not the case. If a child's teeth are lost due to ectodermal dysplasias, dentures are urgently needed.

Dentures Have Many Advantages for Children

Why are we taking this stance, and why is it crucial for your child? Here are seven reasons why dentures can be beneficial for your children.

Improved Jaw Development

Around the mouth, the jaw and tissue development improve.

Improved Looks and Aesthetics

Dentures will give your child’s smile a naturally good-looking appearance. Your child will be happy with their new smile. For the most part, their mouth looks like their peers. All of their friends have teeth and now so will they!

Improved Psychological Well-being

Children will feel better about themselves and demonstrate more self-confidence as a consequence. Small children who have a visible physical abnormality, such as missing teeth, are at risk of developing low self-esteem.

Wearing dentures will provide joy to your youngster and your entire family. Problems will inevitably develop. In most cases, however, these obstacles may be solved by a collaborative effort involving you, your child, and the dentist.  

Nutritional Enhancement

When you put food in your mouth, digestion begins. Chewing is necessary for proper digestion and nutrition. Children who cannot chew will not consume all the nutritious and delicious meals accessible to them.

Speech Development Has Improved

Teeth boost speech, vocabulary, and communication abilities significantly. This allows youngsters to speak more efficiently with their friends and family and share their ideas and opinions with everyone.

Seeking a Dental Professional

It's challenging to find a dentist who has even a little expertise, much alone a lot of experience, addressing the oral requirements of children with ectodermal dysplasia. It’s important to find the right one so you know your child is in the best hands possible.

Dentist Works on Dentures Pekin, IL

Need to Get Dentures in Pekin, IL for Your Kid?

Removable dentures in Pekin, IL, are available for older children. At Smalltown Dental, we always strive to create the best environment for the whole family. Taking your child to the dentist shouldn’t have to feel like a struggle. Our team is trained and equipped to provide a calm and relaxing environment.

If you have a child who needs dentures, we’re here to help. And if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We want our patients to be fully informed. Contact us today with your questions or to schedule your next appointment.

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