May 22, 2022

When we think of fresh and clean, we often think about only taking a bath and making sure the body is clean, but sometimes, we forget about oral hygiene. Your dentist in Morton, IL wants you to take care of your mouth by keeping up with oral hygiene at home and at the dental office. Our mouth needs the utmost care we can give it.  

People have diverse tooth colors, just as they have different hair and skin colors. Some teeth are naturally yellower than others, while others get yellower as they age. Many variables can influence the color of your natural teeth. However, dental cleanings ensure that your teeth are free from plaque and other bacteria that can cause irritation, gum disease, and foul odor.  

What You Need to Know

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

Is it your first time getting your teeth professionally cleaned? It is vital to have your teeth examined first if it is. This exam usually takes place during the first part of the cleaning session.  The dentist will check both the gums and the teeth to see any signs of gingivitis or oral diseases needed to be treated. Next is removing the tartar and plaque.  

Plaque is a bacteria-filled sticky coating that develops on the tooth surface. Tartar, commonly known as calculus, is a substance that forms below and above the gum line.  

It's harsh and porous, and it can cause gum recession and gum disease. The dentist will then clean your teeth with gritty toothpaste after cleaning the tartar, plaque, and other dirt particles.

After brushing your teeth, the dentist will expertly floss your teeth and locate any missed spot from brushing your teeth. The next step is rinsing off the debris in your mouth.  

The last step of the cleaning session will be applying the fluoride treatment. Fluoride ensures that your teeth are protected from bacteria and dirt particles.  

The frothy gel (or occasionally a sticky substance) will next be placed in a mouthpiece that fits over your teeth. When fluoride varnish comes into touch with saliva, it hardens, allowing you to eat and drink right away.  

Why Is Dental Cleaning Crucial?

Like any other hygiene-related routine, a dental cleaning should be done every six months to prevent tartar from forming.

Dental health is also one way to improve your health and hygiene! Although brushing your teeth regularly can help, you must also take care of the things regular brushing can't.  

Cleaning makes your mouth look and smell fresh! It makes you look younger and cleaner.  Having a good set of white and clean teeth can boost your confidence. Aside from making your teeth squeaky clean, you can prevent gum and oral diseases when you clean your teeth regularly.  

However, if you’re looking for a whiter smile after your cleaning, you might want to try a teeth whitening treatment.

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