April 14, 2022

How often should you receive care from a Tremont family dentistry in IL? According to the American Dental Association, twice a year visits would already suffice because it takes around six months before tartar starts becoming problematic.

However, the frequency of your dental appointments is based on the condition of your dental health. People who have optimum oral health can get by with biannual cleanings, but for those with certain risk factors, your dentist may need you to visit more frequently.

Reasons Why You Need Frequent Dental Visits

You Are Susceptible to Plaque and Tartar Accumulation

During an oral exam, your family dentist will know if you are the type who’s prone to plaque and tartar buildup. Your susceptibility may be due to poor oral hygiene or genetics. Regardless of the cause, your dentist will encourage you to visit every three months to make sure all traces of plaque and tartar are removed.

These frequent dental cleanings will reduce your risk of cavity and tooth decay formation and helps prevent the development of gum disease.

If You Are a Chronic Smoker

Did you know that smoking is not just bad for your respiratory system, but it’s also bad for your oral health? Studies show that people who smoke cigarettes have an increased risk of developing oral infections, periodontal disease, and oral cancer.

If you have a hard time quitting, the best you can do is to visit your dentist more frequently. These visits will allow your dentist to assess your mouth for signs of a problem and address them before they become major health issues.

You Have Chronic Bad Breath

Your breath will not always smell nice. Eating a meal with lots of herbs, spices, and garlic will undoubtedly cause your breath to smell. The same is true when you wake up in the morning, and they call that “morning breath”.

These problems shouldn’t alarm you because all you need is to brush, floss and gargle with mouthwash and voila! The problem is solved. But the same can’t be said if you have chronic bad breath, as this could be a sign of gum disease or other oral health problems.

Your Gums Are Bleeding and Feel Sore

Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss? If yes, you shouldn’t ignore it. Bleeding and swollen gums are the first signs of gum disease. Without treatment, gum disease can progress and cause irreparable damage to your oral health.

People diagnosed with gingivitis or periodontal disease should see a dentist every three months to ensure that the condition is monitored and treated. Early detection and treatment can also help reverse gum disease, especially if it’s still in the early stage.

You Have Heart Disease

Are you aware that people with poor dental health are prone to suffer from a stroke or a heart attack? If you are already at risk of heart disease, then it makes perfect sense for you to put your oral health as a top priority.

Do You Need Care From a Tremont Family Dentistry in IL?

Dental visits are all about prevention. People think that they should only visit the dentist when something is wrong. You don’t need to wait for a problem to see your dentist. Dental checkups and routine teeth cleanings are your best defenses against oral health problems.

At Smalltown Dental, your oral health is our main concern. We will listen to you and make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit. Our team will be there to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today for an appointment.

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