March 22, 2023

You’ve probably seen your grandparents wear dentures in Pekin, IL, and you’re not convinced they would look good on you.  

Well, dentures have come a long way. The dentures fabricated today are comfortable and affordable, and they look nothing like the dentures you see older people wear.  

Dentures are dental prostheses designed to replace missing teeth. They come in different types; each type meets specific needs and provides varying levels of comfort, function, and aesthetics. Exploring the different types of dentures will help you decide which is best.  

Dentures in pekin IL inside a glass of denture solution

The Different Types of Dentures

  • Full Dentures

The most common type of denture is a full denture. Full dentures are removable dentures recommended for patients who lack all of their natural teeth, either in their upper or lower jaw. They are made of acrylic resin and are designed to fit securely over your gums, supporting your cheeks and lips and restoring your smile.  

  • Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are ideal for patients with natural teeth left in their jaw. It fills the space left by missing teeth. They can be made of metal, acrylic resin, or a combination. Like full dentures, partials can be removed when sleeping or cleaning.  

  • Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are either full or partial and are made before the natural teeth are removed. They are designed to be inserted immediately after removing the natural teeth, providing the patient with a full set of teeth while the gums heal. Immediate dentures are usually made of acrylic resin and are temporary, as they may require adjustments as the gums heal.

Overdentures are dentures supported by dental implants. Their snap-on design provides more stability and security while fitting onto implants. It’s an excellent option for patients who have lost some of their jawbone density and want a more stable and comfortable denture. They can be full or partial and can be removed when cleaning your teeth or sleeping.

  • Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures are a unique type of partial denture made of a flexible material, such as nylon or thermoplastic resin. Compared to traditional partial dentures, they fit comfortably in the mouth and provide a more natural feel.

In addition to being lightweight and comfortable, flexible dentures are easy to clean as well. If dropped, they are also less likely to break.

  • Valplast® Dentures

Valplast® dentures are more innovative compared to conventional dentures. It’s the option of choice for patients looking for dentures that are aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and comfortable to wear. They are made from flexible material called Valplast®, hence the name. It’s a thermoplastic famed for its durability and strength, which means even if you accidentally drop them, they won’t easily break.  

dentist fabricating Dentures in pekin IL

Do You Have More Questions About Dentures in Pekin, IL?

Dentures are a popular and effective solution to replace missing teeth. They can restore the appearance of a smile, improve your speech and chewing ability, and provide support to the cheeks and lips. With the different types of dentures available, including full dentures, partial dentures, immediate dentures, overdentures, flexible dentures, and Valplast® dentures, it is important to work with your dentist to determine what’s the best denture type for you.    

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