August 17, 2022

Before you cancel your appointment with your Morton family dentist in IL, try to imagine what your life would be like if you had damaged teeth. You’ll likely experience pain when eating since your gums and jaws must work twice as hard to chew your food.  

It could even hurt your self-esteem if the damage is bad enough. Sometimes dentists recommend mouth guards to patients who are active in sports or those who grind their teeth to protect against tooth damage and tooth loss.  

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Why Do You Need a Mouthguard?

What Is a Mouth Guard?  

A mouth guard is a protective dental device designed to cover your teeth. It also protects your cheeks, gums, and tongue from trauma caused by sports injuries, bruxism, or teeth grinding.  

Who Are Ideal Candidates for Mouth Guards?

Dentists usually recommend mouth guards for both children and adults for the following reasons:

  • Bruxism or teeth grinding – A condition wherein a person clenches, gnashes, or grinds their teeth consciously (awake bruxism) or unconsciously (sleep bruxism).
  • For those who actively engage in contact sports such as hockey, soccer, lacrosse, football, and basketball.
  • For those who engage in activities with a high risk of falling, like biking, gymnastics, and ice skating.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Mouth Guard?

Protects Against Tooth Displacement, Fractures, and Tooth Loss

Athletes are more prone to tooth displacements, fractures, and tooth loss when hit in the face—the harder the blow, the higher the chances of complications. To protect athletes, dentists would suggest they wear mouth guards to minimize the impact of the trauma, safeguard their teeth, and prevent costly restorative dental repairs.  

Prevents Soft Tissue Injuries  

Players can accidentally injure their cheeks and tongue with their teeth if too much pressure is applied. Biting too hard can cause damage to the soft tissues in their mouths. You can protect them by wearing a mouth guard.  

Reduces Chance of Jaw Fractures  

When you sustain a strong blow to your head, you could lose some of your teeth, but if the pressure is too great, it can lead to a jaw fracture. You can cushion the force from the blow by wearing a mouth guard to spare your smile.  

Protects From the Effects of Teeth Grinding

Did you know that grinding your teeth could cause popping and clicking of your jaw joints and frequent migraines due to muscle spasms in your jaw area? When wearing a mouth guard at night, you will protect your teeth and jaw from potential damage.  

What Type of Mouth Guard Do You Need?

There are three variations of mouth guards.

  1. Stock Protectors – This type of mouthguard is readily available at drugstores. Stock protectors are cheaper, but they can also be bulky, and you need to keep your jaw closed to keep them from falling out.  
  1. Boil and Bite Protectors – You can purchase boil and bite protectors at drugstores and sporting goods stores. As the name implies, you must place it in hot water first and then put it around your teeth. They are more costly than stock protectors, but they have the upper hand in terms of effectiveness.  
  1. Customized Protectors – Dentists create custom-fitted protectors at the office. As for protection and quality, they rank number one since these mouth guards are designed just for you, ensuring that they give you a comfortable and secure fit.  
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Get Your Mouth Guard From Your Morton Family Dentist in IL!  

While brushing and flossing help protect your teeth against cavities, wearing a mouth guard safeguards them against the effects of teeth grinding and accidental blows.  

At Smalltown Dental, we aim to make you feel relaxed and comfortable while receiving the dental care you need. Our doctors have years of training and experience to help you achieve your best smile. Contact us today for an appointment.  

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