December 5, 2022

Smiling should be instinctive, but if it evokes feelings of embarrassment, then it can only mean one thing – you don’t like your teeth. According to a lifestyle writeup from the New York Post, more than half of Americans are insecure about their teeth.  Luckily, if you want to change something about them, the best cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, IL, can help.  

Throughout the years, the dental industry has innovated technological breakthroughs that provide cosmetic solutions to nearly every dental issue. These cosmetic fixes range from correcting a chipped tooth to replacing an entire arch of teeth. If you’re tired of covering your mouth when you speak, smile, or laugh, now is the best time to consider the following cosmetic dental treatments.

best cosmetic dentist in atlanta, IL

Dental Problems That Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix

Crooked Teeth  

What's so bad about crooked teeth? Besides making you self-conscious about your smile, this condition poses several health risks. Studies show people with crooked teeth are more likely to develop speech difficulties, premature wear and tear, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. Whether it’s genetics or lifestyle habits, crooked teeth are an easy fix.  

If it’s just one to two teeth, your cosmetic dentist can recommend veneers, but if you have moderate to severe teeth misalignment, you can opt for clear aligners or braces.  

Chipped Teeth

A chip in your teeth may seem harmless, but it opens you up to various oral health complications. Without treatment, it can lead to tooth sensitivity and decay. Remember, your enamel protects your teeth, and if its integrity gets compromised, bacteria can enter your tooth and destroy it. Furthermore, the absence of protective enamel makes your teeth sensitive to pressure, acidity, heat, and cold.  

Dental bonding, veneers, and crowns are ideal solutions for chipped teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will apply the bonding material over the affected tooth. To ensure an even smile, the size, shape, and shade are customized to blend with the rest of your natural teeth.  

Veneers are thin porcelain shells attached to the front side of your affected teeth to conceal chips, cracks, and discoloration. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed over your tooth's visible portion to improve its overall appearance and function.  

Discolored Teeth

Did you know that your diet can affect the color of your teeth? Regular consumption of darkly pigmented food and drinks, such as wine, coffee, tea, sodas, soy sauce, curry, and tomato-based dishes, will stain and discolor your teeth. Other factors contributing to tooth discoloration are poor hygiene, smoking, aging, and certain medications.  

If you want to brighten your smile, your cosmetic dentist will first examine your teeth to determine what type of stains you have. Based on the assessment, a tailored treatment plan is made to help you achieve your desired brightness level. Two of the most popular teeth whitening options are in-office teeth whitening and the application of veneers.  

Professional teeth whitening involves applying a bleaching solution directly over your teeth for a specified time. Once your teeth have absorbed the whitening agent, you’ll see a dramatic difference in your teeth’s color. You may discuss the level of brightness you wish to achieve with your cosmetic dentist. Studies show that in-office teeth whitening can sometimes improve the color of your smile by up to eight shades lighter.

best cosmetic dentist in atlanta, IL

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