October 11, 2021

Are you scared of getting your tooth removed? Don't you worry! Tooth extractions in Morton, IL, nowadays are no longer painful because of all the technological advancements.  

Amidst the best attempts you make to maintain good dental health and hygiene, your dentist may still suggest that you get your tooth extracted. Time may come that it's your only option. There are a variety of reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted, and it isn't always due to poor oral hygiene.   

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What You Need to Know Before Getting Your Teeth Extracted

When Is It Necessary?

When your tooth becomes infected, has significant gum disease, or becomes damaged beyond repair, your dentist will definitely suggest a tooth extraction. Extracting your tooth may be your only option if it can no longer be fixed with a dental crown or filling due to trauma from an injury, accident, or substantial decay. Prolonging the extraction of a badly decayed or damaged tooth may infect the surrounding healthy teeth, jeopardizing your overall health.

There are also other reasons why you need to get your tooth extracted, they are:

  • Setting up braces – Getting this orthodontic treatment may require you to create a room for your tooth. Removing a tooth or two is sometimes suggested to straighten your tooth effectively.
  • Baby teeth that don't fall out in time to create space for the permanent teeth may be extracted.
  • Overcrowded teeth

What is the Extraction Procedure?

Primarily, there are two significant types of tooth extraction – simple and surgical. When a portion of your tooth is exposed above the gum line, a simple tooth extraction procedure is performed. It's a painless and speedy process that simply uses a topical anesthetic to numb the area affected. It is merely a process that involves loosening the tooth before pulling it out of the socket.

On the contrary, surgical extraction is a bit more complicated than a simple extraction. It usually requires the dentist to make a small incision at the gum line and sometimes removing the gums or bone to extract the tooth.  

Sedatives are available and can be used for this extraction method, which means that you can sleep and feel nothing during the entire dental treatment. This process is often used when impacted wisdom teeth are removed.

What to Prepare Before the Appointment?

Your dental specialist will ask about your dental and medical history before starting any dental work. It's critical that you inform them of any current or past medical issues, allergies, or procedures. You should also inform them if you're currently using an inhaler, a contraceptive pill, or other over-the-counter medications.

If you have any of the following conditions, tell your dentist:

  • Impaired Immune System
  • Artificial Joints
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension

What to Do Before the Big Day

  • If you're under any kind of sedation, arrange for a ride home.        
  • Avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol before and after tooth extraction.
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More Information About Tooth Extractions in Morton, IL

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