February 7, 2022

Do you need Tremont Family dentistry, IL? You’re in deep trouble if you answer no because you can never achieve optimum oral health unless you partner with a dental health expert. Unfortunately, many people believe that as long as they brush and floss their teeth every day, their teeth and gums will remain in tiptop shape.  

While it’s true that brushing and flossing are integral to maintaining good oral health, unfortunately, they are not enough. Besides your oral care routine at home, you also need to supplement it with routine teeth cleanings at the dental office. According to the American Dental Association, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned at least once every six months.  

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Why Should You Get Routine Teeth Cleanings?  

Cleaning at The Dentist Is More Thorough  

The toothbrush and floss you use to clean your teeth can only do so much. There’s a big chance you’ll miss certain areas in your mouth. These are what dentists like to call the hard-to-reach areas.  

Tiny spaces are also impossible to clean. When you miss these spots, plaque and bacteria can settle and multiply, ultimately wreaking havoc in your mouth. When you visit your dentist for a routine teeth cleaning, their techniques and the tools they use offer a more thorough clean. They can see all surfaces of your teeth, including hard-to-reach areas ensuring that no traces of plaque and tartar are left.  

Gives You a Beautiful Smile  

Plaque is a yellowish biofilm filled with bacteria that coats your teeth. During a routine teeth cleaning, your dentist uses special instruments to scrape away unsightly plaque and tartar, revealing a brighter and more beautiful smile. Professional teeth cleanings remove plaque and tartar and help improve the brightness of your smile by removing stains and polishing your teeth.  

Helps Fight Gum Disease

What causes gum disease? Plaque is the culprit for both tooth decay and gum disease. When plaque forms on your teeth and you fail to remove it effectively, it will harden and calcify, turning into tartar. Eventually, tartar will form on your gum line and cause irritation and inflammation. If not treated, it can lead to infection.  

Gum disease starts with mild symptoms, but it can quickly spread and progress. Therefore, you must polish your dental hygiene practices and visit a dentist for professional teeth cleaning to avoid its progression.  

Maintain Oral Health  

If you want to maintain good oral health, you need to see your dentist at least twice a year. Otherwise, your mouth will suffer. Don’t worry; teeth cleanings are generally painless.  

Besides, your dentist will check up on you from time to time to ensure that you are comfortable. Professional teeth cleanings also allow your dentist to examine your teeth and gums for signs of problems. The earlier problems are detected, the faster they are treated.  

Family at the Back of a Dentist After Tremont Family dentistry IL

What Other Services Offered by a Tremont Family Dentistry in IL Do You Want to Try?

Besides getting an oral exam and professional teeth cleaning, other services can help improve your oral health, including mouth guards, sealants, fluoride treatments, and many more.  

Smalltown Dental provides dental cleanings that last between 25 and 30 minutes. Our methods are based on science and research. We also offer other dental services to help improve and maintain your oral health. Our team is ready to assist you with anything you need. Call us today for an appointment.

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