April 18, 2021

Rehab sounds daunting when you think of something related to dental problems. But it is sometimes necessary for an individual to have a full mouth rehabilitation depending on the patient's situation. If you think you need one, it’s time to visit your dentist for a full mouth rehab in Morton, IL.

Dental care is the most crucial thing dentists will teach to people. This is because injuries can happen anytime, and they can do a number on your teeth, requiring treatment plans to restore the full function of the teeth for individuals.

Experiencing trauma to the mouth is a rough endeavor. This will sometimes require more than one procedure. Luckily, we can make the process as easy as possible.

What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation, sometimes called full mouth reconstruction, is a combination of therapeutic dental procedures that aim to restore the usual function of the mouth, teeth, and gums. This process will help restore the individual's smile and dental health.

Damaged teeth aren't always something you can quickly restore with just one procedure, especially when it is a severe case. Full mouth rehab is needed so the dentist can examine the teeth, and use a possible combination of dental procedures to give you a beautiful and functional smile.

This treatment is usually given to those who have experienced oral trauma from sports and vehicle accidents. But there are cases when patients have severely decaying teeth that just a regular dental cleaning can't fix.  

When Do I Need One?

You can need full mouth rehab for any injury, tooth decay, chips, or bone fractures. Among other possible dental problems, mild or severe cases, full mouth rehab may be needed because trauma to the teeth may have long-lasting effects that you don't want to keep.

Many teeth complications may lead to more complications that can disrupt the structure of the teeth and their health. A combination of restorative dental procedures will give the teeth a chance to heal and restore them to their former glory.  

Can It Fix Severe Oral Injuries?  

Full mouth rehabilitation is made to deal with the severe mouth, teeth, and gum injuries that you experience. This will help the patient restore, improve, and strengthen the foundations of the teeth and the surrounding gums.

Not all may be restored if the injury is so severe that the bone is deformed. But as much as possible, full mouth rehab should be able to deal with severe oral injuries and restore the teeth, gums, and bones to a much better condition.

Do You Need Full Mouth Rehab in Morton, IL?

Now that you are informed of what full mouth rehabilitation can do for severe oral injuries, you should also be aware that dental care is important. It can prevent many injuries and complications that you may experience.  

Getting a full mouth rehab in Morton, IL, may be a good choice if you've recently experienced oral trauma. Contact Morton Dental Center for more info. Our dentists can cater to your needs and questions.

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